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Sisters Middle School

Sisters Middle School is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Association with Merit, and has an enrollment of approximately 500 students.

  • We will put students first and lead with our hearts. We will never forget why we chose education, to be part of a cause bigger than self and to have a positive impact on our future.  Sisters Middle School creates the best opportunities for kids and they will continue to be our top priority.
  • We will communicate. Our door is always open for students and families.  We will communicate regularly.  Decisions about how our resources are used appropriately based on what will support our students the most will be shared in an open and honest process.  We will take our roles seriously and do our best to enhance the reputation of our school and community.  Our staff will send home newsletters and communicate through our District’s systems.
  • Our vision will extend beyond test scores. As a school, we must meet state requirements and comply with legislative mandates.  While we take this seriously as professionals, our goal is learning and growth for ALL students.  Our integrated arts program will enhance our core instruction.
  • We will meet the needs of all students.  SMS developed school-wide approaches for academic and behavior supports to ensure achievement.  Our system is Response to Intervention (RTI).  School teams meet regularly to identify instructional priorities that use flexible grouping to facilitate effective instruction of all learners.
  • We will embrace every student. At SMS, we believe in Positive Behavior Intervention Support Systems (PBIS).  Students will be recognized for following the three B’s: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.
  • We will engage our community.  Parents and community relationships are vital to our work.  We will do our part to build trusting relationships with our families and other community partners.
  • We will share our practices. This year brings the teaching of Storyline that will integrate all that we do.  As a District and building, we will share supports and practices with our families for successful implementation for all students.