Sixth Grade
We are committed to meet the changing needs of students by working with families in order to embrace the individual differences of our students and strive to help each student achieve academic and social success.

Exciting Progress in Reading and Language Arts

The major milestones in Sixth grade reading and language arts are:

  • Fluent reading with a variety of literary genres
  • Successful application of comprehension strategies
  • Skillful composition development
  • Using punctuation appropriately
  • Ability to speak and listen proficiently

Intense Mathematics Skill Development

Major milestones for 6th grade math include:

  • Proficiency in the four basic math operations
  • Competency with algebraic operations
  • Applying geometry concepts to problem solving
  • Development of complex graphing skills
  • Use of functions and probability to make predictions (Time4Learning)

Sixth Grade Science/Health Program

We cover all of the NGSS standards. This includes: water cycle, air masses and weather systems, regional climates, climate change, human impacts, cells and living things, cell parts and processes, body systems, response to stimuli, adaptations, environmental and genetic effects on growth, asexual vs. sexual reproduction, thermal energy transfer, temperature change vs. mass, loss of kinetic energy

Outdoor Education
We attend outdoor school in the spring.

We cover sexual health, fire safety, bullying, and nutrition.

Seed to Table Program
All students learn about healthy food choices through working on a local organic farm.