Middle School Coaches
To Teach, Compete with Honor and Dignity, Serve Community, and Pursue Excellence

Middle School Coaches

Title Name Work Phone E-Mail Address
SMS Athletic Director Abby Desmet 541-549-2099 [email protected]
Athletic Secretary Connie Neilson 541-549-4045 ext. 5704 [email protected]
Head Football Steven Livingston [email protected]
Asst. Football
Head Cross Country Jonathan Kelly 541-549-2099 ext. 5549 [email protected]
Asst. Cross Country Colleen Oliver & Amber Tollerud [email protected] [email protected]
Asst. Cross Country (Volunteer) Tiffany Tisdel [email protected]
Head Volleyball (8th) Lisa Barber [email protected]
Head Volleyball (6th/7th) Shaunette White [email protected]
Asst. Coach (6th/7th)
Head Girls Basketball (8th) Shelli Taylor [email protected]
Head Girls Basketball (7th) Berit Dart [email protected]
Asst. 7th Grade John Gloeckner
Head Boys Basketball (8th)
Head Boys Basketball (7th) Rob Jensen [email protected]
Head Wrestling Jason Chinchen [email protected]
Head Track Bryn Singleton 541-549-4045 ext. 5773 [email protected]
Asst. Track Amber Tollerud [email protected]
Asst. Track Kelly Mohen
Assoc. Track Berit Dart [email protected]